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Suite #37, P/Bag x05
Malvern 4055

                 Tel no: 031-4640225                                                                       Fax no: 031-4644772

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Company Profile

AUTOLEK MOTOLEK MALVERN CC is a comapny that deals with the motor trade solely. Motolek being a franchise of the Midas Group is an Auto-electrical workshop that guarantees quality auto-electrical products & professional expertise. Our auto-electrical division operates 24hrs,7 days basis to provide our customers a fast , efficient and affordable service. Our parts & labour carry a Nationwide guarantee.

Batteries:- The other franchise that compliments the Motolek Franchise is the Battery Centre Franchise, that carries a nationwide Guarantee on its products & name brands. Battery Centre is an approved dealer of First National Batteries that manufacture Exide, Raylite, Swiftex and have now launched the Raylite Ultimate which is used in all new BMW's & Mercedes vehicles. Being a Battery Centre means excellent prices and services

Hydraulics:-  We offer a 24/7 day service on hydraulic & hose repairs. Our new venture with Parker is the Hose Doctor which is mobile hose repair & manufacture vehicle which allows us to assist customers onsite thus saving the customer down time on repairs. Apart from the Hose Doctor, we have the necessary equipment & spares at our premises, should the customer want to bring the hose or other parts to us.

Airconditioning:-  We are equipped with the latest aircon regas & test equipment for all your failures. Apart from the repairs, we supply quality aircon parts should the need arise.

Diagnostic & Computer box Repairs:-  This departments facilitates the testing of electronic failures in vehicles. Programming of vehicles to a certain extent. Repairs to electronic components & computer boxes.

Mechanical:-  Truck, plant & light motor vehicle repairs, COR, COF and major engine repairs. Complete refurbishing of vehicles. Supply & delivery of parts & engine components.
We offer 24hr roadside assistance.

Automatic Transmission

Component exchange & Diagnostics